Personal Alignment Express

Like the Personal Alignment protocol, Personal Alignment Express helps you penetrate deeply into your desires and find what’s blocking you from getting what you want. Use it to discover, articulate, and achieve what you want. The quality of your alignment will be equal to the quality of your results.

Total time to complete this is about 1 hour, 30 minutes.

Note: To successfully complete this task, you must be willing to be vulnerable. The more vulnerable you are, the greater your results will be. If you prefer not to be vulnerable, or don’t care to do this work for any reason, Pass or Checkout (see Core Protocols) and quietly leave or do something else. Also note that defaults are provided to save time in most steps.


Part One

(alone, do steps 1-6: 30 minutes)

  1. What do you WANT?
    1. What BLOCKS you from having what you WANT?
    2. What VIRTUE would dissolve that BLOCK? Pick one.
      • Self-Awareness (default; if you don’t know what you want, you want self-awareness)
      • Integrity
      • Courage
      • Passion
      • Peace
      • Presence
      • Self-Care
      • Fun
      • Wisdom
      • Health

    (Note: In choosing a virtue, imagine that you will soon master it. Pretend that wanting it will summon it. For example, if you choose passion, passion will be ever present to you. You will master passion. You will know all about it. You will attain the perfect amount of passion for your own life. You will be a model and a teacher for others when it comes to passion. You might compose the standard protocols and practices for passion, etc., etc. You will enjoy the fruits of a passionate life.)

  2. Optionally, to go deeper:
    1. Shift VIRTUE to WANT (i.e., “VIRTUE X is now what I WANT”).
    2. Go back to step 1a with that new WANT.
    3. Iterate 1a-1d until: [1] you find the virtue that would dissolve the final block you are aware of; or [2] you don’t feel like iterating anymore.
  3. My ALIGNMENT: I want ________.

    Write the VIRTUE as your alignment.

  4. My SIGNAL:

    What I will say and/or do, to signal that a) I am about to practice my alignment, or b) I am about to report on my Alignment work, or c) I am celebrating my Alignment:

    Default: “I am practicing my Alignment: virtue-name.”

  5. The RESPONSE I want from others when I so signal:

    What I ask my teammates to say and/or do in response when I signal; how they can support me in my Alignment work, my new behavior. Default: “When I say signal, will you respond by expressing support, and, if I want it, by making a little time for me in the moment?”

  6. Some observable EVIDENCE that will exist in the world after I have attained – or as I practice – my Alignment.

    Changes or accomplishments other people will be able to observe. Evidence, as in a court of law.

    Default: “I will be able to show a report card I get from (named people) every (interval) on my progress with respect to Alignment.”

Part Two

(Pairs, or triples: do steps 7-8: 60 minutes)

  1. Pair up or triple up with teammates, preferably those whom you don’t know very well, but would like to know better. Now spend an hour Investigating (See Core Protocols) each other’s wants, blocks and alignment. If you like, spend the time trading off in ten or fifteen minute chunks. Don’t be afraid to change your alignment. You can also break off and join others, staying in Investigate-mode, if time remains and it seems right. Be vulnerable, be curious.
  2. Decide on your final Alignment.