Web of Commitment Express

NOTE: Sincerity, depth, passion and vulnerability are essential. The more of each from all, the greater the team’s ultimate results will be.


  1. Create a ritual space.
  2. Team proceeds in silence into the ritual space.
  3. Each member of the team, in turn, as desired:
    1. Says: “I want alignment virtue.”
    2. Offers: From the heart, any key sentiments/thoughts/feelings describing the Alignment choice.
    3. Asks for Help:

      Ask each teammate, one at a time:

      “When I signal, will you response.”
      Asks for help anticipated in the future with respect to alignment.

    4. When each team member has done a-c, and all team members have closure on all help requests, The Web of Commitment is in place.
  4. To exercise the Web, each team member accepts the following assignment:

    At least one time during the course, or after, but while still with some teammates, or even in email after that, you will inform the team you are working on your Alignment by saying your signal.