Personal Commitments

Please initial each commitment and sign at the bottom indicating you agree to the following:

  1. Safety. I will take care of myself, my privacy and my safety during this course. I know that I can pass on anything and check out at will, with no penalties attached. (Initials ________)
  2. Staff. I want to learn about myself, about team dynamics, about my teammates, and I want to understand what the course staff understands about teams. For the duration of the course, I will suspend disbelief and adopt as a learning strategy the pretense that presented ideas are true. I want to learn efficiently and I am willing to accept the staff’s guidance to find new efficiency in my learning. I will refrain from providing feedback during the course.(Initials ________)
  3. The Core Culture. I have read The Core Commitments and protocols to be used in the course. I agree to adhere to The Core commitments and protocols during the course. This includes requiring that others on my team adhere to The Core protocols and commitments. (Initials ________)
  4. Durability. If any of the above (1-3) commitments are untrue of me now or become untrue sometime during the course, I will resolve this with the staff immediately. (Initials ________)

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