Use the Decider protocol anytime you want to move a group immediately and unanimously towards results.


  1. Proposer says “I propose [concise, actionable behavior].”
  2. Proposer counts “1-2-3.”
  3. Voters, using either yes (thumbs up), no (thumbs down), or “support it” (flat hand), vote simultaneously with other voters.
  4. Voters who absolutely cannot get in on the proposal declare themselves by saying “I am an absolute no. I won’t get in.” If this occurs, the proposal is withdrawn.
  5. Proposer counts the votes.
  6. Proposer withdraws the proposal if the total dissenters (no votes) and “support it” votes is too great or if proposer expects not to successfully conclude resolution (below). You can approximate “too great” by using the following heuristics:
    1. approximately 50% (or more) of votes are “support it” or
    2. the anticipated gain if the proposal passes is less than the likely cost of resolution effort.
  7. Proposer uses the Resolution protocol with each dissenter to bring him or her in by asking “What will it take to get you in?”
  8. Proposer declares the proposal carried if all dissenters change their votes to yes or “support it”.
  9. The team is now committed to the proposed result.