Perfection Game

The Perfection Game protocol will support you in your desire to aggregate the best ideas. Use it whenever you desire to improve something you’ve created.


  1. Perfectee performs an act or presents an object for perfection, optionally saying “begin” and “end” to notify the perfector of the start and end of the performance.
  2. Perfector rates the value of the performance or object on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how much value the perfector believes he or she can add.
  3. Perfector says “What I liked about the performance or object was X,” and proceeds to list the qualities of the object the perfector thought were valuable or should be amplified.
  4. Perfector offers the improvements to the performance or object required for it to be rated a 10 by saying “To make it a 10, you would have to do X.”