Personal Alignment

The Personal Alignment protocol helps you penetrate deeply into your desires and find what’s blocking you from getting what you want. Use it to discover, articulate, and achieve what you want. The quality of your alignment will be equal to the quality of your results.


  1. Want: Answer the question, “What specifically do I want?”
  2. Block: Ask yourself, “What is blocking me from having what I want?”
  3. Virtue: Figure out what would remove this block by asking yourself, “What virtue, if I had it, would shatter this block of mine?”
  4. Shift: Pretend the virtue you identified is actually what you want.
  5. Again: Repeat steps 2 to 4 until this process consistently yields a virtue that is powerful enough to shatter your blocks and get you what you originally thought you wanted.
  6. Done: Now write down a personal alignment statement in the form “I want [virtue].” For example, “I want courage.”
  7. Signal/Response/Assignment: Create a signal to let others know when you are practicing your alignment, and provide a response they can give you to demonstrate support. For example, “When I say/do ‘X,’ will you say/do ‘Y’?” Optionally, turn it into an assignment by saying you will do X a certain number of times per day, where X equals an activity that requires you to practice living your alignment.
  8. Evidence: Write, in specific and measurable terms, the long-term evidence of practicing this alignment.
  9. Help: Ask each member of your group for help. They help by giving the response you would like when you give your signal that you are practicing your alignment.