The Core Commitments

  1. I commit to engage when present.
    1. To know and disclose
      1. what I want,
      2. what I think, and
      3. what I feel.
    2. To always seek effective help.
    3. To decline to offer and refuse to accept incoherent emotional transmissions.
    4. When I have or hear a better idea than the currently prevailing idea, I will immediately either
      1. propose it for decisive acceptance or rejection, and/or
      2. explicitly seek its improvement.
    5. I will personally support the best idea
      1. regardless of its source,
      2. however much I hope an even better idea may later arise, and
      3. when I have no superior alternative idea.
  2. I will seek to perceive more than I seek to be perceived.
  3. I will use teams, especially when undertaking difficult tasks.
  4. I will speak always and only when I believe it will improve the general results/effort ratio.
  5. I will offer and accept only rational, results-oriented behavior and communication.
  6. I will disengage from less productive situations
    1. When I cannot keep these commitments,
    2. When it is more important that I engage elsewhere.
  7. I will do now what must be done eventually and can effectively be done now.
  8. I will seek to move forward toward a particular goal, by biasing my behavior toward action.
  9. I will use the Core Protocols (or better) when applicable.
    1. I will offer and accept timely and proper use of the Protocol Check protocol without prejudice.
  10. I will neither harm — nor tolerate the harming of — anyone for his or her fidelity to these commitments.
  11. I will never do anything dumb on purpose.